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How Does the District’s Contract Compare?

Steve Mitrovich has published an article which, among other things, touches on how the District’s salary schedule stacks up against other San Mateo County districts. I thought it might be interesting to explore that idea a little further, so I … Continue reading

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The Un-COLA*

* with apologies to 7-Up, and whoever owns the relevant intellectual property. There’s been a lot of talk lately about teacher compensation and cost of living adjustments (COLAs). I’d like to clarify a few misconceptions. When most people here the … Continue reading

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Those Pesky Gophers

I was pleased to learn last night that the District’s maintenance team is assessing the condition of Heather’s field. That’s important for figuring out what kind of maintenance the District should do now that the City is going to let … Continue reading

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Rabbits and Hats

We spent some time last night discussing the Governor’s latest budget proposal and how it will play into the Legislature’s budget process. The Governor is planning on borrowing against an “enhanced” State lottery and, if that fails, increasing the State’s … Continue reading

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Negotiations Update

There’s a good article on the District website about how teacher compensation in the District compares to neighboring communities, and about what the District’s financial situation looks like. It’s a PDF file, and you can find it here.

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Damaging Relationships?

Yesterday at Hometown Days I learned that some teachers have been really going to town with parents — and students! — about the inability of the District/Board and the teachers’ union to reach a negotiated salary settlement for this school … Continue reading

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A Word from the Guv’nor

Late last week Governor Schwarzenegger announced a revised budget proposal which, if adopted, would have a smaller negative impact on education funding. It would still put a crimp in the District’s budget, though, because there would be no cost of … Continue reading

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At last night’s Board meeting we reviewed a draft of a long-awaited study of student population and enrollment trends. This was commissioned by the Board and superintendent as a result of recent challenges getting everyone enrolled in their neighborhood school. … Continue reading

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Teacher Anger

At last night’s Board meeting there were about 15 – 20 teachers who showed up to criticize the District and Board for not reaching a salary settlement this year. Several of them spoke passionately about how they believed this state … Continue reading

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It’s been almost a year since I last talked about the San Carlos school district and Board. And that was on a different site in a galaxy far away… Part of the reason I was on hiatus was that I … Continue reading

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