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Parcel Tax Polling Results

You can view a PDF of Godbe’s polling analysis here. I’ve inserted some personal observations and comments throughout the presentation. Godbe’s recommendation is to put something in the $70 – $80 range — with a five year term — on … Continue reading

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Improving Special Education and Saving Money

At last night’s Board meeting Tom Green, the Director of Student Services & Curriculum Instruction, explained how the District can improve its special education program by establishing additional classes to address the needs of kids who are currently educated outside … Continue reading

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Response to Crisis: Initial Discussion

Last night staff presented its initial analysis of the cost reduction and revenue enhancement opportunities developed in the Board’s December brainstorming session. Many members of the public and the teaching staff attended the meeting, which was held in the Central … Continue reading

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Programs at Risk: Take 1

I haven’t gotten the materials to be presented by staff at next Tuesday’s Board meeting on addressing the fiscal crisis yet. But I do have the original list of programs and activities staff suggested be evaluated a few weeks ago.

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Addressing the Budget Crisis

Next Tuesday, January 20th, staff will begin its presentation on the cost saving and educational impact of various alternative budget cuts and revenue enhancement opportunities. I’ll post more information on what will be evaluated over the next few days. This … Continue reading

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