Elementary Music Recitals Cancelled

I’ve been getting a number of emails recently about the last minute cancellation of the elementary school end-of-year music recitals. I’d like to share the response I’ve been giving out in case there are others who have heard about the cancellation.

Certain events which occurred drove the District to decide to cancel the concerts. That decision was not taken lightly, and many alternatives were considered that might have allowed the concerts to be held in some form. Unfortunately, none of the alternatives ended up being viable. I am satisfied that the District did what it reasonably could to have the concerts go on, but was unable to do put a plan together in the time available.

As to the causative events I mentioned, neither the District nor the trustees are able to comment on them because of privacy issues. I know that’s frustrating, but it’s the truth.

I also recognize that this vagueness could cause parents to speculate on all sorts of negative scenarios. Let me assure you that the events were significant enough to justify the actions that were taken, but not serious enough to be a cause for alarm.

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