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Measure D Renewal Is a Go!!

The Board just voted to put a renewal of the District’s June 2003 parcel tax before San Carlos voters in a mail-only ballot this coming Spring!

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CLC the 501(c)3

I’d like to clarify an issue related to CLC’s conversion to a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation. When people talk about “CLC” they frequently blur the line between what I’ll call “CLC the school” and “CLC the entity that operates the school”. … Continue reading

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CLC Community Meeting

Last night I attended a CLC community meeting whose subject matter could best be described as “how should CLC move forward?” What follows are my general impressions, and some specific reactions to what I heard. Bottom-line, I don’t envy the … Continue reading

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More Blueberries

Yesterday’s blueberry post generated a good deal of feedback and discussion, most of which (unfortunately :() did not show up on the blog. One piece of “off blog” feedback that I thought particularly insightful came from a long-time educational leader … Continue reading

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The Blueberry Story

Based on a little googling this appears to be a true story, which the author/CEO admits to having modified slightly from the actual events. I got it from one of my nieces, who is a teacher.

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