A Correction

I made a mistake in an earlier posting that grew out of my attending the recent CLC community meeting (http://board.olbert.com/2011/01/21/clc-community-meeting/).

In that earlier post I used Chris Mahoney’s name not having been submitted to the Board by the GC as one example of a shift by CLC’s leadership to maximize their freedom of action. That was a mistake.

Chris’ name was submitted, and approved by the Board (I saw a copy of the relevant minutes last night). What appears to have caused the confusion for District staff, which is where I got my information,  was that there was no contract included with the submission. I take responsibility for drawing the erroneous conclusion.

Chris’ “nonhiring” cannot be an example of anything since his name was, in fact, submitted to and approved by the Board. I apologize for the error.

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