One Door Closes

and another opens.

Having officially left the Board by virtue of joining the City Council this past Monday it’s time to shut down this blog.

It’s been a lot of fun interacting with the community over the last decade through it and its predecessors. I’m proud that, in some small way, this vehicle was able to engage more parents in the governance of our District, and help explain issues and decisions to them. We are more effective when we work together, and the foundation of being together is shared understanding.

Simultaneously with closing this portal I’m launching a new one dedicated to my City Council role. You can find it at I hope you drop by, and subscribe.

All the best,


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1 Response to One Door Closes

  1. Diane Masetti says:

    Mark:  I have enjoyed reading your blog for the good of the San Carlos School District and will most definitely subscribe to your new blog.  First time that I can remember the public having an avenue to become well informed about City Council activities!  Congratulations!  Diane

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