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One Door Closes

and another opens. Having officially left the Board by virtue of joining the City Council this past Monday it’s time to shut down this blog. It’s been a lot of fun interacting with the community over the last decade through … Continue reading

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Why Not Let the People Choose?

This is an op ed I wrote for the San Mateo Daily News that was published on Tuesday, November 29, 2011. In it I lay out the pros and cons of whether the Board should appoint replacements for Carrie Du … Continue reading

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Guest Opinion: Kate Wormington — Response to Stay or Go

I believe in all the years I’ve been blogging (even before that’s what it was called :)) I’ve never posted a guest opinion. But there’s always a first time, and that time is now. Please welcome Kate Wormington, president of … Continue reading

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Stay or Go?

At last night’s Board meeting there was a lengthy discussion of what, if anything, the Board should do as a result of the fundraising agreement between CLC and the San Carlos Educational Foundation not working. Neither the District nor the … Continue reading

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