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CLC: Memorandum of Understanding

Last Thursday the Board spent several hours discussing five issues that are at the heart of the relationship between the District and the CLC. Most or all of them will end up being addressed in negotiations over a new memorandum … Continue reading

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No Measure D Tax Increase for 2010/11 Fiscal Year

Measure D, our parcel tax approved in 2003, contains language allowing the District to increase the per parcel amount based on increases in an inflation index. It’s not an automatic increase because the Board has to vote to approve any … Continue reading

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We Have a Deal

After more months than I expected, the District and the San Carlos Teachers Association reached an agreement on contract terms. The SCTA approved the tentative agreement last week, and last night the Board voted unanimously to ratify it. You can … Continue reading

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TL Gets a New Principal

Those of you with kids at Tierra Linda know that Leslie Martin moved on from being the principal there last month. In the ongoing quest to balance work, life and professional development, she wanted to gain some experience at the … Continue reading

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Teachers Approve Settlement, Board to Ratify

The Board will vote on ratifying a contract settlement with our teachers at this Thursday’s meeting. The agreement, which was approved by the teachers late last week, completes the negotiation cycle for the 2009/2010 school year, and allows everyone to … Continue reading

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Fact Finding Panel Report Issued

The District and the teachers union, the San Carlos Teachers Association (SCTA), have been unable to reach a mutually-acceptable agreement on contract terms this year. The District needs to reduce costs and/or increase revenues by $2.85 million for the 2010/2011 … Continue reading

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Letter to the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal ran an article today entitled “Lehman’s Ghost”, which focused on the continuing fallout from the Lehman bankruptcy and how it is negatively impacting public agencies in San Mateo County. You may recall that, collectively, public agencies … Continue reading

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All Our Elementary Schools Are Equally Great!

(Note to readers: this is the second version of this post, so if it looks different from what you remembered reading, you’re not losing your memory :). I decided to edit it based on some questions raised by visitors, and, … Continue reading

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Starting the 2010/11 Budget Process In Earnest

Last Tuesday night the Board held a special workshop meeting to begin discussing how we should structure the 2010/11 budget given the terrible fiscal environment the District is facing. We were fortunate to have leaders of many of our key … Continue reading

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Enrollment Preferences and Boundary Changes Approved

The Board, by unanimous vote, adopted tonight a set of new enrollment preferences and a series of school boundary changes. Together, these actions are expected to shift, ultimately, approximately 50 students from chronically oversubscribed White Oaks to chronically undersubscribed Heather.

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