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Redevelopment Agency Brouhaha

The recent arguments by local officials on behalf of redevelopment agencies (RDAs) probably made some people conclude the Legislature and Governor were breaking the rules when they proposed changing the way RDAs work. The reality is the situation is more … Continue reading

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And Now the Fun Begins, Unfortunately

As expected, Governor Brown called off talks with Republicans in the Legislature about trying to get a tax extension package put before voters to complement the spending cuts he’s put together. You can read about it in this Sacramento Bee … Continue reading

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Reversing Some Cutbacks: Thanks, SCEF!

At last night’s meeting the Board unanimously approved two recommendations made by staff. The first will add back one hour per day of librarian technician time at each site during the current school year. The second reinstated the funding cut … Continue reading

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Teachers Approve Settlement, Board to Ratify

The Board will vote on ratifying a contract settlement with our teachers at this Thursday’s meeting. The agreement, which was approved by the teachers late last week, completes the negotiation cycle for the 2009/2010 school year, and allows everyone to … Continue reading

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Fact Finding Panel Report Issued

The District and the teachers union, the San Carlos Teachers Association (SCTA), have been unable to reach a mutually-acceptable agreement on contract terms this year. The District needs to reduce costs and/or increase revenues by $2.85 million for the 2010/2011 … Continue reading

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Letter to the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal ran an article today entitled “Lehman’s Ghost”, which focused on the continuing fallout from the Lehman bankruptcy and how it is negatively impacting public agencies in San Mateo County. You may recall that, collectively, public agencies … Continue reading

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Governor Proposes to Protect Education Funding…Not!

By now you’ve probably heard how Governor Schwarzenegger is claiming he will protect education spending, and balance California’s state budget by reducing other areas of spending.

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Community College Goes Basic Aid, District Hit by Higher Costs

Over the last few months the San Mateo Community College determined that they are now a basic aid district. That’s a nice reflection, for them, of how property values have increased over time in San Mateo County. However, it does … Continue reading

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Those Clever Charterites!

Chris Mahoney, the instructional leader at Charter Learning Center, sent me an email the other day describing a very clever fund-raising/awareness-raising endeavor at the CLC: a fun(d) run to Sacramento! The goal is to raise money for the CLC, and … Continue reading

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A Surplus of Deficits

Being both a trustee and volunteering on the Measure B campaign gives me an interesting perspective on questions that, from time to time, swirl around the community. One of those involves the answer to the question “So, just how big … Continue reading

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