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Fiscal Realities

The Board, superintendent and middle school principals received a lengthy email from supporters of the orchestra program today (they’re concerned it may be trimmed). I wrote a lengthy reply which I was planning on editing into better shape for a … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget the Beam

I’ve always liked this biblical quote: And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own? It’s applicable to the District’s and Board’s current handling of the unusually … Continue reading

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A Surplus of Deficits

Being both a trustee and volunteering on the Measure B campaign gives me an interesting perspective on questions that, from time to time, swirl around the community. One of those involves the answer to the question “So, just how big … Continue reading

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Get Mad. Then Get Involved

This post was written as an article for this month’s Arundel PTA newsletter by Heather Mannion, a “…1st grader’s mom, entering 2010 kindergartener’s mom, and volunteer”. She was gracious enough to allow me to post it on my blog. I … Continue reading

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Parcel Tax Polling Results

You can view a PDF of Godbe’s polling analysis here. I’ve inserted some personal observations and comments throughout the presentation. Godbe’s recommendation is to put something in the $70 – $80 range — with a five year term — on … Continue reading

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Response to Crisis: Initial Discussion

Last night staff presented its initial analysis of the cost reduction and revenue enhancement opportunities developed in the Board’s December brainstorming session. Many members of the public and the teaching staff attended the meeting, which was held in the Central … Continue reading

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Programs at Risk: Take 1

I haven’t gotten the materials to be presented by staff at next Tuesday’s Board meeting on addressing the fiscal crisis yet. But I do have the original list of programs and activities staff suggested be evaluated a few weeks ago.

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Measure S: Voting Oddities Redux

The Elections Office has an explanation for the apparent undercount in precinct 3626 which I wrote about in an earlier post. Apparently, they merged two precincts — 3626 and 3631 — into one “temporary” precinct for this particular election. Precinct … Continue reading

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Measure S: Why Did It Fail?

So, after sharing such information as is currently available on what happened, and writing about some odd things that took place on Election Day, it’s time for the main event: trying to answer the question “Why did Measure S fail?” … Continue reading

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Measure S: Voting Oddities

I mentioned in an earlier post on voting patterns that one precinct, 3626, had an unusually low level of voter turnout compared to the rest of the precincts that voted on Measure S. This is the precinct that covers most … Continue reading

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